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Rolling Recesses to End?

After giving house members three separate three-day breaks - which House Democrats strongly opposed - the Republican House leadership may have finally abandoned the "rolling recess" strategy. The House is convening today at 10am and the early report is that they will be convening tomorrow at the same time.

The House Republican leadership has come under increasing scrutiny for giving House members three days off at a time when several bills just sit in committees that aren't meeting, including the Undone Dozen bills that are being held up in the House despite passing the Senate with strong bi-partisan support.

This weekend the Salem Statesman Journal ran two articles about the House Republican recesses and their political implications.

Statesman Journal, 7/17/04: Rolling Recesses Have Eyes Rolling

Statesman Journal, 7/17/04: Political Fallout Predicted from House Recesses

The Statesman Journal also ran an interesting article about the fate of a series of anti-poverty bills that are stalled, mostly in the House. This list of anti-poverty bills include several that are part of the Undone Dozen.

Statesman Journal, 7/17/04: Anti-Poverty Bills Stuck in Capitol

July 18, 2005 by House Democrats Staff
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Thanks for bringing attention to this. You know it's amazing that the Legislature even has to argue about coming to work. Reminds me of Gingrich's federal government shutdown in the 90s--now that's what I call democracy in action. When you don't get your way, all the way, 100% of the time, just get up and leave the table, or the building, or the city...

Posted by: JTT | Jul 18, 2005 2:37:39 PM

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