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Lets Keep Up the Momentum! Ask Your Friends to Take the Oregon House Democrats Challenge Today!

What a great start! In less then a week 46 activists have stepped up to the plate to be a leader in the fight to restore Democratic control of the Oregon House! These 46 leaders have committed to give 460 hours and recruit 230 more activists for Democratic House campaigns in 2006!

Here are just a few examples of the excellent feedback and insight we've received from some of the people who have taken the Oregon House Democrats challenge:

A Leader from Falls City:

"One of the most frustrating things for me to see is politicians talking one game and then voting another. Democrats as a whole need to work towards being the party of courage and integrity. Those elected need to truly represent the needs of those who elected them and not pander to other interests or act out of fear of some sort of political retribution for going against a powerful opposing interest."

A Leader from Beaverton:

"An ideal volunteer experience would give me a clear idea of what needs to be done, include activities that I feel competent to accomplish, and most importantly it must give me the feeling that I am truly doing something that will really help people."

A Leader from Gresham:

"Information-- voting records, transcripts from sessions, etc. This information is extremely valuable and thus far I have been unable to get as much of it as I need. I'd written the legislative help desk about the Upon Adjournment Status Reports for the House and Senate. They said it would be mailed to me, but I have yet to receive it. We really need the info so we can show people in House Districts 49, 50, and 52 that their representatives aren't representing them. If we can take these three seats in Multnomah County, the rest of the state only has to come up with one."

A Leader from Newberg:

"Another tough question. I believe it would help if the job of being a legislature paid a living wage. People who work for a living just can not afford to serve, let alone run."

A Leader from Bend:

"We need Candidate Assessment Checklists and materials similar to Emily's List "Thinking of Running for Office." Most county officers that I know are reinventing the wheel and scrambling to find out what to do. Written guidelines, checklists, user-friendly guides would be great! Thanks for asking!"

We are still looking for 54 more activists to join these leaders in the fight to restore principled leadership to the Oregon House! Forward this message to your list of friends and encourage them to get involved! You and your friends can make a difference and help get the Oregon Legislature back on track!

Take the Oregon House Democrats challenge today!

November 11, 2005
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