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The Oregon House Democrats: Strong Leadership. Oregon Values.

"We are trying to change the tones in the state capitals-and turn them toward bitter nastiness and partisanship."
-Grover Norquist, Denver Post, 2003

For 16 years, the Oregon House Republicans have followed the orders of Washington, DC Republican extremist Grover Norquist and made the Oregon House bitter, nasty and ineffective. They have ruined was once a respected institution of innovation and cooperation reflecting the pioneering values of Oregonians. Their record of working hand - in - hand with powerful special interests is well documented. Unfortunately, virtually all Oregonians now believe that the Oregon Legislature simply does not matter. Ask yourself: Do you know anyone who believes the Oregon House is doing a good job?

The Oregon House Democrats believe that after 16 years of failed Republican control its time for the Legislature to once again provide strong leadership based on Oregon values - not the values of the most powerful special interests.

The Oregon House Democrats believe its time restore bi-partisanship, cooperation, and innovation to the State Legislature.

The Oregon House Democrats believe its time for a Legislature Oregonians can believe in again.

Just what would Democratic Leadership of the House mean for Oregon?

Stronger Support for Oregon's Families
-Lower Health Care and Prescription Costs for Oregon's seniors and working families.
-Investments to create more family wage jobs for Oregon workers.
-Reigning in pay day lenders that are preying on Oregon's most vulnerable families.

Standing up for our Children and their Future.
-Schools that have the funding necessary to provide a world class education for our children.
-Schools that work with parents to make sure dollars are spent on our kids and not on bureaucracy.
-Investments in Higher Education to prepare our kids for the 21st century economy.
-Investments in new technology for cleaner air and water and to reduce Oregon's dependence on foreign oil.

Standing up to the Special Interests.
-A smaller tax burden on Oregon's working families by making large corporations pay their fair share.
-Efficient government services that spend every tax dollar wisely.
-Democracy that is open and accountable to Oregon citizens by putting an end to back room deal making.

We hope you will join our campaign to put Oregon values back at the top of the agenda in Salem!

January 4, 2006 by Democratic Leader Jeff Merkley
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"-Schools that have the funding necessary to provide a world class education for our children."

Schools -already- have the funding necessary. It's time for the Oregon legislature to stand up to the Teacher's unions and tell them enough is enough. We will never have "world class" eduction until schools can compete with each other.

I hope House Democrats have the guts to provide some real reform and not continue the "we need more money" mantra.

Posted by: Chris McMullen | Jan 18, 2006 11:33:54 AM

Isn't it pathetic how often you see the radical right take extra time to visit websites that share none of their values and then play the troll in the comments?

As a native Oregonian, a father of 3 school-aged children, and an elementary school teacher, I wonder how much McMullen has invested in the future of our state? Sixteen years of his type of thinking has prevailed in the Oregon House and it has spelled nothing but disaster.

Posted by: christopher | Mar 30, 2006 10:48:32 PM

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