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House Democrats about to Set New Fundraising Record!

We only need to raise $5,000 more! That's 100 $50 contributions!

You can help us break the record by making a contribution today!

For the last six months, we have been working hard to recruit quality candidates to take our message of hope and change to voters across Oregon. I'm proud to report that we've accomplished that task. This fall we will put forward one of the strongest slates of Democratic candidates in recent memory. It is this group of dedicated leaders that will help us put Oregon back on track after sixteen years of failed Republican leadership.

When we started out last September, we never imagined the overwhelming support we would receive. We are now about to set a new fundraising record for the first public filing period which ends on March 30. Oregonians from all walks of life have stepped up and helped us raise the funds necessary to run winning campaigns in November.

Now you can help us set a new fundraising record and send a strong message all across Oregon: It's time to have a State Legislature we can believe in again!

For 16 years, the Oregon House Republicans have made the Oregon House bitter, nasty and ineffective. It's time for that to end. We need a Legislature who will put partisan ship aside in order to tackle the tough problems we are facing in health care, education and the economy.

Just what would Democratic Leadership of the House mean for Oregon?

Stronger Support for Oregon's Families

-Lower Health Care and Prescription Costs for Oregon's seniors and working families.
-Investments to create more family wage jobs for Oregon workers.
-Supporting employers who provide health care and pensions.
-Reigning in pay day lenders that are preying on Oregon's most vulnerable families.
-Protecting Oregon's communities from the methamphetamine crisis.
-Protecting Oregon's families from the dangers of identity theft.

Throughout Oregon, we have recruited Democratic candidates for the House who believe in a better legislature and a stronger state. These candidates are committed to running winning campaigns and will help us take back the House in November!

Now it's our job to make sure we have the funds necessary to help these special Democratic leaders take our message of change and hope to voters in every corner of the State -- including your community!

To ensure the effectiveness of these campaigns, we have set an aggressive goal of breaking the fundraising record for the first public filing period. Help us reach that goal by making a contribution today!

Ask yourself this -- Isn't it time for a change? The Republicans have had sixteen years to show us they can lead. They have clearly failed. Together we can put Oregon back on track.

Thank you for making a difference for Oregon.


Jeff Merkley
House Democratic Leader

March 14, 2006
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What is the record that needs to be beaten?

Posted by: Peter Bray | Mar 14, 2006 4:55:42 PM


In 2004, the Senate Democratic Leadership Fund became the first caucus in Oregon history to break the $300,000 barrier by the March filing deadline. They reported raising just over $328,000. Future PAC is on the verge of surpassing that total amount. Thank you very much for your support!

Posted by: Jon Isaacs | Mar 15, 2006 10:07:32 AM

I have made a donation.

I did not notice any environmental issues on the list of issues you are targeting for 06 and beyond?

Posted by: Peter Bray | Mar 15, 2006 12:18:09 PM

Yes, please tell us what the record is that needs to be broken.

Posted by: bink | Mar 15, 2006 12:49:55 PM

Not speaking for the caucus here Peter, but Ima thinkin' that there will be whole plates full of environmental issues that will come up around the implementation of measure 37.

I'm seeing lots of legislators who were actually elected on environmental platforms who will be running around with ther hair on fire, trying to minimize the damage.

Just guessing here........

Posted by: Pat Ryan | Mar 27, 2006 11:49:28 AM

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