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House Democrats about to Set New Fundraising Record!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

When we started out last September, we never imagined the overwhelming support we would get from Oregonians from all corners of the State. It is clear to me, that Oregonians from all walks of life believe that putting the Democrats back in charge of the Oregon House is vital for the future of our State.
We were able to recruit one of the strongest slates of candidates in recent history, and we are now about to set a new fundraising record for the first public filing period which ends on March 30.

In 2004, the Senate Democrats were the first caucus to report over $300,000 raised for this period. Today, we are on the verge of breaking $400,000! We are just under $2,000 short. We need your help to raise these remaining funds! Please consider making a contribution today to put us over the top! Join the hundreds of Oregonians who have already stepped up to help us take back the House!

Just what would Democratic Leadership of the House mean for Oregon?

It would mean that for once, the Oregon House will put the interests of our children and their future first, instead of the big money special interests.

Oregon House Democrats: A Better Future for our Children

-Stable school funding to provide a world-class education for our children.
-Making sure school tax dollars are spent on our kids and not on bureaucracy.
-Helping parents protect their kids from sexual predators.
-Investing in Higher Education to prepare our kids for the 21st century economy.
-Reducing Oregon's dependence on foreign oil through investments in new technologies.

Standing up to the Special Interests

-Reducing the cost of health care by standing up to the big insurance and drug companies.
-Reducing the tax burden on Oregon's working families by making large corporations pay their fair share.
-Protecting vulnerable families from the predatory pay day loan industry.
-Eliminating government waste by giving incentives to government agencies to find more efficient ways to spend our tax dollars.
-Creating a real rainy day fund to protect vital programs through economic down turns.
-Putting an end to back room deal making by making the legislature accountable to citizens and not the most powerful special interests.

Simply ask yourself this – Isn’t it time for a change? Isn't it time to have competent leaders in charge in Salem? The Republicans have had sixteen years to show us they can lead. They have clearly failed. Together we can put Oregon back on track.

Thank you for making a difference for Oregon.


Jeff Merkley
House Democratic Leader

PS: We need to raise $2,000 more to become the first caucus to report over $400,000 raised for the first public filing period. This will be a new record! Make a contribution today! In order for you contribution to count towards the new record it must be received by us before 5 p.m. tomorrow.

March 29, 2006
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