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Help State Representative Larry Galizio Continue to Turn Things Around for Oregon.


The Key numbers in House District 35 (Tigard, Metzger, King City, SW Portland):

20 - The number of years this district was held by Republicans prior to Rep. Galizio's big win in 2004.

7,000 - The number of doors Rep. Galizio knocked during his winning 2004 campaign.

$300,000 - The amount of corporate special interest money Wayne Scott and Karen Minnis have promised to dump into the negative campaign to defeat Rep. Galizio.

The first step toward a Democratic Majority in 2007 is to make sure we re-elect Rep. Galizio and his strong record on public safety, school funding, health care and government efficiency.

You can help Larry continue to turn things around for Oregon! Your contribution of $500, $250, $100, even $50 will help Larry fend of the Republican attacks machine and continue take his strong leadership back to Salem!

Larry Galizio: A Record of Leadership for Our Priorities.

Rep. Galizio has taught at Portland Community College's Sylvania campus for 11 years. He transformed the college's speech and debate team into an internationally recognized program. Under his guidance, PCC was recognized four times as the top community college debate team in the nation and his students competed at the prestigious World Universities Debating Championships. When this program was shut down, due to budget cuts by the Republican controlled Legislature, Larry decided it was time to do something pro-active and resolved to run for office.

During the 2005 legislative session, Larry kept his promises. Rep. Galizio fought to keep our children safe from guns in schools and sexual predators. He fought for a no-cuts school budget and lower health care costs for our families. He promoted small businesses over big out of state competitors.

In a cynical and politically motivated move by House Speaker Karen Minnis, Larry was assigned to the House Revenue Committee. This was a clear effort by the Republican bosses to force Larry into taking votes that fly in the face of responsible and common-sense policy. Proving his independence, Larry stood up for us and refused to yield to intense pressure from corporate lobbyists and threatening partisan attacks from the extreme right wing.

Instead of bowing to the special interests, Larry led the fight to eliminate wasteful tax give-a-ways to powerful corporations. And Larry pushed through common sense tax cuts that benefit small businesses to grow our local economy.

Now Rep. Galizio is facing a tough challenge from the candidate hand picked by Karen Minnis. In fact, Larry's opponent works for her husband John Minnis! We know that anyone hand picked by Minnis will be willing to do and say anything to get elected. Larry needs your help today to defend himself against the Republican sleeze machine that is headed his way.

Your contribution of $500, $250, $100, even $50 will help us re-elect Larry Galizio, take the first step toward a Democratic majority in the Oregon House in 2006, and bring strong leadership back to the Oregon Legislature.

You can meet Larry Galizio this Thursday, April 27th at a forum on education. Come tell Rep. Galizio your ideas on how to improve our schools.

Tigard City Hall, town hall room. 13125 SW Hall Blvd. 7pm - 9pm. For questions or more information call 503-646-0441.

April 24, 2006
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