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Chuck Lee Endorsed by Salem and Newberg Newspapers in House District 25

Newberg Graphic says "Democrats have a gem in Charles Lee".

Chuck Lee, the President and Founder of Blanchet Catholic School in Salem, was endorsed this past weekend by both the Newberg Graphic and the Salem Statesman Journal. Chuck Lee is mounting a very strong challenge to Kim Thatcher in House District 25, which represents the cities of Keizer, St. Paul and Newberg.

The race in House District 25, considered by most pundits to be a safe Republican seat, is shaping up to be one of the best opportunities for Democrats to pick up a seat in 2006. This is due to both the incredible strength of Lee's candidacy and several recent problems facing Thatcher in her first bid for re-election.

Thatcher faces Serious Questions

The Salem Statesman Journal recently reported that Thatcher had a major elections complaint filed against her for questionable expenditures made by her campaign to her business. The Keizer Times recently reported that Thatcher said "no" to four measures which recently sailed through the one day special legislative session with large bi-partisan majorities. The article pointed out that Thatcher was one of only three house members to vote no on allocating an extra $43 million in excess lotter funds to public schools statewide.

Pro-life Democrat Chuck Lee Has Strong Bi-Partisan Credentials

Chuck Lee is one of the state's most prominent Catholic leaders. As a pro-life Democrat who has already gained the endorsement of several prominent Republicans, Lee has perhaps the strongest bi-partisan credentials of any candidate in Oregon. In another recent Keizer Times article, former Republican State Representative Vic Backlund said, "One of Chuck's strengths is his ability to bring together diverse groups of people for the common good."

You can find out more about Chuck Lee's campaign, sign-up to volunteer or make a contribution at his campaign website, www.charleslee2006.com.

May 1, 2006
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Glad to see Chuck Lee here on the blog. As someone who has been around Oregon Democratic politics for decades, I was proud to be one of many people who encouraged Chuck to run. He is in the tradition of great Democrats like Hubert Humphrey, and unites various factions of the party. He is well known in his community, and fulfills the statement someone made years ago "it is good to have former local elected officials in the legislature because they know how laws impact cities, counties, and other local entities".

It was with great amazement that I learned one of my old "sparring partners" (we hardly ever agreed) when I was active in party politics was another of those who recruited Chuck to run.

A private school administrator isn't part of a teachers union or the public school structure --but knows that kids are kids and classrooms need supplies, books, quality teachers.

And 3 cheers to those running this blog for recent items about Clem and Lee. It is great to see entries about candidates who don't live in the Portland area.

Posted by: former St. Cent. Comm. member | May 1, 2006 3:19:56 PM

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