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Tobias Read: Ready to Take the Reigns from Rep. Mark Hass in Beaverton and SW Portland.

"The decisions we make in the next few years will determine the quality of our schools and the health of our state for decades. Tobias Read is the right choice to make those decisions. Tobias is focused on what's best for his community over the long term."

-Mark Hass, State Representative District 27

Tobias Read, who won a spirited House District 27 primary election, thinks Oregon needs to return to its history of innovation, taking actions that will improve our quality of life - for the long run.

Tobias Read: A Leader for The Long Run.

Innovative, World Class Education for Our Kids
Create a rainy day fun to remove the volatility from school budgets and enable school districts to plan for the future instead of constantly scrambling to keep the doors open.

Lower Prescription Drug Prices
Expand Oregon's innovative Prescription Drug Purcahsing Pool to enable all Oregonians to get better prices on their medicines.

Affordable Health Care
Make the big insurance companies hold public hearings and get approval before they raise rates again on families and businesses.

You Can Help Elect a New Oregon Leader for the Long Run: Tobias Read
To find out about one of Oregon's next generation of great leaders, Tobias Read, you can go to his website at www.tobiasread.com.

May 22, 2006
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I am looking forward to keeping my home district, the fighting Twenty Seventh, in democratic hands this fall! We were blessed with two outstanding candidates for office in this primary, Tobias Read and Mike Bohan. Both have great qualities, as shown by the close election results. As a precinct leader in the 27th, I'd like to congratulate both candidates for a great race and I look forward to helping Tobias to victory in retaining this seat.

We have a fantasitic opportunity for leadership here in our own neighborhood. If anyone would like to get involved and help out with some fundraisers, houseparties, forums and so forth in HD 27 to support Tobias Read to victory, please contact me at ginnypdx at comcast dot net. We absolutely must take back the Oregon House and look to bright young leaders such as Tobias Read to help restore our progressive heritage and lead us forward.


Ginny Ross
PCP #385, HD 27

Posted by: Ginny Ross | May 23, 2006 9:58:39 AM

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