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Chris Edwards is Ready to Get to Work for Oregon!

Now lets get to work and help Chris Edwards win in House District 14!

Chris Edwards is running for State Representative in House District 14 because he believes that it is time for the Legislature to get to work solving the real problems that affect Oregon’s families.

For two cycles, West Eugene and Junction City’s House District 14 seat has been held by Republicans. It’s time to reclaim this seat for the Democrats. With a 4% Democratic edge, House District 14 has supported John Kerry, Peter Defazio, Ron Wyden, and Vicki Walker. With a strong candidate and a well run campaign, a Democrat can and will win this seat, bringing us one step closer to a Democratic majority in the House.

Chris Edwards - Tackling the Real Challenges Facing Oregon.

- As a business professional Chris has seen what the unsustainable and out-of-control rise in health care costs is doing to businesses and families alike. These same cost increases are drilling a hole right through our state budget, making it more expensive to put police on our streets and teachers in our classrooms. Chris is running for the Legislature because he wants strong public schools for his four-year-old son, and all of Oregon’s kids.

- Chris is running a door-to-door, neighbor-to-neighbor campaign. He’s knocked on thousands of doors, even before the primary. Chris loves this part of the campaign- getting out of the office, talking to the voters, and hearing real concerns from real people.

With your help Chris Edwards will win in House District 14!

Chris has a tough race on his hands, running against the incumbent, Debi Farr, who is backed by the House Republican Party Bosses and their corporate special interest funders. Farr goes out of her way to paint herself as a moderate, but in the 2005 legislative session Farr voted along partisan Republican lines 98.5% of the time!

Your contribution of $500, $250, $100, even $50 will help us elect Chris Edwards, take the first step toward a Democratic majority in the Oregon House in 2006, and bring strong leadership back to the Oregon Legislature.

June 27, 2006
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