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Help Jean Cowan take back the Central Coast in 2006!

In politics, a winning candidate always has to have the right experience and the right priorities—but it’s just as important to get the right opportunity. In 2006, Jean Cowan (D-HD 10, Central Oregon Coast) has all three on her side. Jean is a former three-term Lincoln County Commissioner, and with your help, she will beat Republican Alan Brown in November. If you want to Take Back the House this fall, nothing will do more than a contribution this spring!

You can help Jean Cowan win in 2006 by making a contribution today!

A Record of Strong Leadership

Jean Cowan has been active in her community for her entire life. From education to healthcare to public safety, Jean’s background combines policy expertise with on-the-ground experience. She has served on the Oregon Health Council, a League of Women Voters task force on education, the Association of Oregon Counties and numerous other statewide boards. She’s also been an EMT, a reserve cop, a medical assistant and a school-bus driver. Jean will be more than one more vote in a Democratic majority; she will be a valuable voice in moving Oregon forward.

Help Jean Cown bring her record of leadership to Salem today!

Our Priorities - not the powerful special interests

Jean Cowan will arrive in Salem ready to work to improve schools, increase healthcare coverage, and work for the interests of working families and small businesses here in Oregon. Jean needs grassroots support because she represents real people—not the out-of-state corporations who fund Alan Brown and the Republican bosses. The voters in District 10 want a change in Salem, but incumbent Alan Brown is a rubber-stamp for Karen Minnis’ agenda. Brown votes with Minnis more than 90% of the time; Jean Cowan will vote with the values and interests of her district 100% of the time. So let’s send her to Salem.

Help Jean Cowan put our priorities - not the special interests - back at the top of the agenda!

A Great Opportunity for Our Values

Jean ran for this same seat in 2004. She jumped in at the filing deadline to prevent a completely uncontested election. Despite all the drawbacks of the late start and still working full-time, Jean came within 400 votes on election day. House District 10 has a 10-point Democratic registration edge, and Jean’ position on all the key issues reflects the voters’ values. Now retired from the County Commission, Jean built a strong 2006 campaign early in the cycle. She has a professional staff, a focused plan to deliver the extra votes she needs to win, and a strong and clear message. But the Republicans are already trying to distract voters with contrived personal attacks, so Jean needs your help to get this message out.

Lets take advantage of this opportunity and help Jean win her campaign in 2006!

We have to stand up now and fight back against the oil, tobacco, and drug companies that are funding Brown’s campaign. The road to a Democratic majority may well begin out on the Central Coast, and we can lay the first bricks together with an early investment of $200, $100, or $50 in Jean Cowan’s campaign.

June 12, 2006
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