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Dan Thackaberry – A Proven Independent Leader for Linn & Marion County!

“I will work harder than anyone for ordinary people and I’ll always put the interests of my district and the interests of Oregon families over partisan politics.”

With Dan Thackaberry, Democrats have an unprecedented opportunity to win in House District 17 and bring his proven record of independent leadership to the Oregon House.

You can get involved today by making a contribution to Dan’s campaign at:

Dan Thackaberry for House District 17
471 Hiatt Street
Lebanon, OR 97355

Dan Thackaberry – A Family Farmer and Local Leader in Linn County for Forty Years.

Perhaps no one is more prepared to represent House District 17 than Dan Thackaberry. He has worked on his family sheep farm in Linn County for forty years. He now runs the farm he helped build, and serves as the President of the Linn County Farm Bureau. He is the former director of the Linn County Soil and Water Conservation District and member of the Lebanon Planning Commission. Dan is coming to the end of his second term on the Lebanon City Council.

Dan Thackaberry – Independent Leadership for Working Families.

Dan has worked consistently to insure the effective use of our tax dollars, and has fought against blatant and wasteful tax giveaways to out of state corporations and administration cronies. He fought for local businesses and farms when he opposed the expansion of the established Wal-Mart, which would have brought nothing new except an 18 acre parking lot to Lebanon. He spearheaded the Walden Pond Project, an innovative way to meet more stringent DEQ specifications for sewage treatment water at a lower cost to taxpayers. The project will be a model for other US cities.

Dan Thackaberry – Standing up for Rural Oregon.

Dan has spent his life working in and working for rural Oregon. His experience serving rural Oregon gives him unique insight into the needs of rural communities. Dan strongly believes that “the pursuit of happiness” should be accessible to all Oregonians, and he understands what it’s going to take to make that a reality for working families in the rural part of State.

Dan Thackaberry – Working for our priorities.

• Dan believes we must have access to affordable, quality healthcare – especially in rural communities. Dan knows that working families now carry to much of the tax burden. He will work to bring tax fairness back to Oregon by aggressively cracking down on tax cheats.

• Dan knows that strong public schools are some of the most important parts of Oregon’s rural communities. He will work to fund a full school year and smaller classes for kids in every Oregon community.

• Dan believes Oregon is in a unique position to achieve energy security with a combination of wind, tide, solar and biofuel sources. Dan will lead the effort to invest in these new technologies that will both lead to energy independence and build both Oregon’s rural and urban economies.

• Dan will lead the Oregon legislature to act within its jurisdiction to insure that our own borders and ports are secure from terrorist attacks.

If you agree with Dan Thackaberry’s priorities for Oregon, get involved today by making a contribution to Dan’s campaign at:

Dan Thackaberry for House District 17
471 Hiatt Street
Lebanon, OR 97355

August 1, 2006
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Dan is the right man for the job. Why? Because he is hard working, intelligent and knowledgeable about issues, and above all, honest. I think that is exactly what we need from a candidate!

Posted by: Evan Degenfelder | Aug 1, 2006 2:13:28 PM

I know Dan to be a man of his word and we talked about quality health care as a great problem in Oregon and the House members over the years seem to care less. The medical insurancers have raised premiums time and time again saying the top 1% is the cause for the raise. Just think for a moment who is the top 1%, the rich who can afford the medical insurance, and they run it into the ground and the working people suffer.

Posted by: Elden Huntling | Aug 1, 2006 9:34:39 PM

Here are just a couple of my observations about candidate, Dan Thackaberry. First of all, he is a listener with a quick and open mind that tracks well on all sides of an issue. And he does his homework,understands the issues, shows up on time; asks others for opinions,observations and understandings surrounding a question.
Always listening!! This is Dan as I know him.

Posted by: Gloria Olson | Aug 1, 2006 11:01:26 PM

What is Dan's position on state spending limit on Navember ballot?

Posted by: Douglas | Aug 5, 2006 1:54:02 PM

Does Dan support increaing OSP back to 1979 levels?

How many OSP should Oregon have?

Should OSP be funded from
• Permanent highway safety/crime prevention/public safety-based funding or
• Routine support from state general fund or
• Special, as needed, funding from state Emergency Board funding or
• Separate, permanent, long-term funding strategy for entire OSP program?

Posted by: Chris | Aug 5, 2006 2:16:13 PM

What is Dan's detailed position on suspending Oregon’s tax kicker law?
Should this corporate and personal income kicker go to a special surplus fund or a special eduction fund?
Should this be on November's ballot?

Posted by: Scott | Aug 5, 2006 2:38:56 PM

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