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Mike Moran - Strong Leadership for a Greater Oregon.

My Fellow Oregonians,

I am a candidate for the Oregon House of Representatives representing the Medford area because I have a vision of a greater Oregon.

Oregon needs new leadership… courageous enough to insist on providing excellent services in the critical needs areas of education, public safety and health care. I believe that as Oregonians we must all share the cost of providing essential government services to make this state one we can be proud of. We ultimately are “all in this together” and we need to work together to give the greatest benefits possible to all Oregonians.

Education: I have served on the Medford School Board for over 6 years. I‘ve seen first hand the devastation and erosion in our educational system caused by Oregon’s dysfunctional funding system. Each generation before us expanded educational opportunities. So far, this generation of voters has reduced those crucial opportunities. We can’t let our children fail.

Public Safety: During my nearly 29 years with the Medford Police Department I have watched the Oregon State Police decline in numbers to unsafe levels.

Health Care: Every citizen of this state deserves affordable health care.

The key to a better Oregon is to fix the dysfunctional and inadequate tax system in this state. My goal is to work with all legislators, liberals, moderates and conservatives, to find a balanced, adequate and stable way to pay for essential government services.

Our society is based upon the principals of sharing the work and looking out for each other. In recent years, a mentality of “winner take-all” special interests has taken over from a philosophy of working together as a real community. Great leaders bring forth what President Abraham Lincoln called, “the better angels of our nature.”

I would welcome both your support and your ideas on how we can make Oregon great again. Please write me with the top three ideas or concerns you have; or drop me an email at: [email protected].

Your financial contribution will also enable us to work towards a better Oregon. Any amount you can contribute to my campaign will help. Most of all, I am asking for your support in November.

Mike Moran
Candidate for House District 6

August 22, 2006
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