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A Roadmap for Oregon's Future

A plan for Strong Leadership on issues that matter to Oregonians.

This fall, Oregon House Democratic members and candidates are going to do something that has become far too rare in politics these days - we are going to tell you where we stand and exactly what we will do if Democrats lead the Oregon House in 2006. The Oregon Legislature was once a respected institution of innovation and cooperation reflecting the pioneering values of Oregonians. The Oregon House Democrats have a detailed plan to provide the strong leadership necessary to make the Oregon House matter to Oregon families once again.

This plan entitled "The Roadmap for Oregon's Future" is a list of a dozen specific policies that the Oregon House Democrats promise to enact as the leaders of the 2007 Oregon House. These twelve common sense proposals are not ideological or partisan. In fact, we are confident that at least two thirds of legislators from both sides of the aisle will support the proposals outlined in "The Roadmap" on the House floor. These are proposals that an overwhelming majority of Oregonians - from rural, urban and suburban communities - want to see the legislature enact. These proposals deal with the problems and issues that Oregonians see in their communities and read about in newspapers everyday:

* Accountable use of our tax dollars.
* High quality public schools.
* Creating and protecting good paying jobs.
* Affordable health care and prescription drugs.
* Safe communities and protecting our kids.
* Smart economic growth.

Your first reaction to "The Roadmap" may be to shrug and say something like "Wow, there's nothing really that controversial on this list. This is all common sense stuff." We agree. Incredibly, every proposal on this list was either killed or ignored by the House Republicans during the last session. That is the key difference between Democrats and Republicans in this election.

With Republicans in charge for 16 years, we've seen the Oregon House become bitter, nasty and ineffective. We've seen the common sense priorities of Oregon families crushed by Republican bosses and their powerful special interest contributors. With Democrats leading the way in 2007, we promise to take the Oregon House in a new direction and with our "Roadmap for Oregon's Future" we show you exactly what we will accomplish.

If you agree with "The Roadmap for Oregon's Future" we ask you to help us take the back the House today with a financial contribution. We are fighting everyday to get strong new leaders elected in districts across the state. Your contribution today is guaranteed to be spent 100% on a House Democratic campaign to help a candidate who supports "The Roadmap for Oregon's Future".

Together we can all make a difference for Oregon.

Warmest Regards,

Jeff Merkley
House Democratic Leader

September 6, 2006
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Thanks Jeff and other Dem Legislators for this. I've managed to support our district candidate who has not much chance, and a couple from across the state who do. We have a fine slate this year and it makes me proud to be involved.

Posted by: Chuck Butcher | Sep 6, 2006 10:37:34 PM

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