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Brian Clem Campaign Launches First TV Ad!

Brian Clem is running for House District 21 in Salem. Brian lives about one mile from the Capitol. Once elected, how will Brian get to the office?

Watch his new campaign ad to find out:

If you agree that we need Brian Clem's ethical leadership in the Oregon House, help us keep this TV spot on the air by making a contribution to Future PAC today!

September 19, 2006
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Your commercial on TV just now caught my attention because it wasn't a negative attack on your opponent until the reference to double dipping the mileage (if that's what it was). Good for you! I did research on the mileage reimbursement of K Minnis campaign - for Tina Calos and took a look at Dalto's too, but didn't have access to legislative reimbursement for mileage for either of them. In the last campaign the glossy mailings for Dalto were an annoyance to neighbors who talked about the excessive money that was thrown into the garbage by the mail boxes. I hope yours don't get to be as annoying. Good luck. Lois

Posted by: Lois Nodland | Oct 1, 2006 3:07:29 PM

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