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Karen Minnis: Lower Prescription Drug Prices are "Pie in the Sky."

Today, Karen Minnis attacked Rob Brading for making lower prescription drug prices a centerpiece of his campaign calling the idea "Pie in the Sky". She went on to make the completely misinformed and false claim that "no past President or Governor Democrat or Republican has been able to do what Brading claims he will do."

Karen Minnis must have forgotten that Governor Ted Kulongoski has been working hard to enroll seniors in Oregon's Prescription Drug Program.

The fact is Karen Minnis knows this very well. Last session she killed SB 329, the plan passed by the Senate Democrats to expand this program and make cheaper prescription drugs available to more Oregonians.

This plan to lower prescription drug costs for thousands of Oregonians is not "Pie in the Sky". In fact, it is a very simple and cost-effective proposal. This idea is part of the Oregon House Democrats' "Roadmap for Oregon's Future", which is a list of 12 policies that the House Democrats promise to enact as the new House majority in 2007.

This reveals that Karen Minnis has no interest in trying to reduce the the costs of prescription drugs for Oregonians. She doesn't think it is worth the Legislature's time to expand bulk prescription drug purchasing to more Oregonians. In fact, if last session is any indication, she is actively opposed to efforts to lower drug costs for citizens.

Rob Brading had the following response:

"Today, my opponent Karen Minnis called my plan to lower the cost of prescriptions "pie in the sky". This is a sad thing and is exactly why I'm running for representative. Haven't we all had enough of politicians like Karen Minnis who refuse to do anything to solve our most important problems and attack anyone who actually wants to do something about it".

If you've had enough of Karen Minnis' finger pointing please get involved with Rob Brading's campaign today. If you've had enough of the Oregon House working for the big drug companies instead of us please help our campaign to take back the Oregon House today.

September 27, 2006
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