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Oregon House Republicans Continue Push Dramatic Cuts to State Police.

This week Rep. Larry Galizio called on Republican Speaker Karen Minnis and Senate President Peter Courtney to end a study that will lead to State Police cuts.

You can read Rep. Galizio's letter on protecting State Police: Download galizio_press_release_9.13.06.doc

Help Rep. Larry Galizio and the Oregon House Democrats stop cuts to state police by making a contribution to our campaign to take back the House today!

One of the key difference between Republicans and Democrats this election is support for State Police.

The Oregon House Democrats have a plan to add 125 state police to combat the meth epidemic and make our highways and roads safe, and they stood up to Republican cuts to state troopers during the 2005 session. Governor Kulongoski is pushing a plan to support our state police and add the number of troopers on our highways.

Republicans want to drastically cut the number of state troopers.

During the 2005 session, House Republicans pushed through large cuts to the number of state police. And they've continued to push a study meant to identify ways to reduce the number of state troopers and hand over responsibility to counties. The Dalles Chronicle reported on August 25th that this concept isn't even supported by County Sheriffs and will be particularly harmful to rural counties. Governor Ted Kulongoski ordered the end to this study this week.

Republican House leader Wayne Scott is a man on a mission to cut the number of state police. Not only did he lead the Republican push to cut the state police during the 2005 session, he is now attempting to defend this study despite the fact that it will lead to cuts in state police, be particularly damaging to rural counties and is opposed by County Sheriffs.

You can help get 125 more state troopers on our highways and stop the Republican assault on those who protect our safety! Your contribution to our campaign to take back the House today will help support a candidate who stands behind our state troopers.

September 14, 2006
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