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Rob Brading Campaign Launches First TV Ad!

With his first major TV ad, Rob Brading wants you to know who isn't supporting his campaign for State Representative!

Who isn't supporting Rob? Find out who by watching Rob's ad:

If you're glad these guys aren't supporting Rob, help us keep this TV spot on the air by making a contribution to Future PAC today!

September 19, 2006
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-Jon Isaacs-
Executive Director, Future PAC

Posted by: Jon Isaacs, Executive Director and Website Editor | Sep 19, 2006 10:27:33 PM

Great ad and very true! Minnis the Menace showing her true colors by giving her tacit approval to a base and false ad run by her supporters. Keep on trucking Rob.


Posted by: Barney Gorter | Sep 20, 2006 1:59:03 AM

Rob Brading is not presenting a winning strategy in East Multnomah County. I agree that the check cashing industry needs to be more heavily regulated, but it is just not a hot enough topic to capture the voters' interest. As for the anti-pornography crusade, well, it certainly is sexy, but the Oregon courts have routinely come down on the side of the adult industry citing first amendment concerns, and I seriously doubt that this issue will be decided differently. Lastly, Mr. Brady's proposal to electronically track all sex-offenders in the state is doomed to fail due to a lack of clarity and funding. The primary concerns of the voters out here are schools, police and fire protection, and social services. If Mr. Brading can successfully address these concerns in East County, then he will have a seat waiting for him in Salem, but I think this election may have already passed him by.

Dissatisfied Democrat in East County

Posted by: Collier Ellis | Sep 25, 2006 4:01:07 PM

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