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Brading Campaign Seizes the Momentum. New Poll Shows the Race for House District 49 is a Dead Heat!

What a week for the Rob Brading campaign. On Sunday, he received the unequivocal endorsement of the Oregonian. Today, a new poll shows that despite being vastly outspent and falling victim to unrelenting attacks by Minnis, Rob Brading is in a virtual tie with Karen Minnis.

The poll, conducted for Future PAC Oct. 1-5, by Amy Simon of Goodwin Simon Victoria Research, shows that if the election were held today Minnis would receive 45%, Rob Brading 42% with 13% undecided.

Download the memo by clicking here: Download poll_report_or_hd_49_oct.pdf

From Amy Simon's memo:

"The survey results show that Rob Brading continues to be in a virtual tie with Speaker Karen Minnis – trailing by just three points, a difference that is within the margin of error. The results are particularly concerning for Minnis given how much money her campaign and allies have invested in both increasing her support and in attacking Brading. These poll results show that if adequately funded in these final days, Brading could readily unseat Speaker Minnis."

And to top it all off, Rob Brading just launched his second television spot:

Get on the Rob Brading train today before it passes you by! This is one of those rare opportunities where your time and/or financial help can truly make a difference for this State. Rob Brading has taken everything Karen Minnis can throw at him and then some. Yet everyday he goes and fights the good fight

Volunteer or contribute to Rob Brading's campaign today! Or....

Contribute to Future PAC today!

Together we can make a difference for East County and for Oregon.

October 16, 2006
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