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Chris Edwards Launches his Second TV Ad: Get to Work!

The Chris Edwards campaign has taken House District 14 (Eugene, Santa Clara, Junction City) by storm!

Chris, a Eugene native and former head of a forest products company, continues to gain support from voters with a simple message: It's time to get to work in Salem!

Watch Edwards' second TV ad: Get to Work!:

Now that this has become one of the hottest races in Oregon, the Republican slime machine is up and running in House District 14. Debi Farr recently joined the desperate Republican club having launched vicious attacks on Chris this past week. Despite Debi's desperate tactics, Chris continues to stick to his mantra and goes to work everyday talking with voters on the phone and at the doors. He won't let Debi's nasty personal attacks side track him and neither should we.

You can help Chris continue to bring his positive message of change to House District 14 by making a contribution to Future PAC today!

October 11, 2006
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