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Karen Minnis - In the Pocket of Special Interests and Proud of it!

Yesterday Karen Minnis reported having raised a record smashing $1 million between her two campaign committees. This obscene fundraising total is proof positive of what Rob Brading's campaign has been talking about for over a year now - Karen Minnis has been in the pocket of special interests for years, and its starting to wear thin for Oregon families.

Minnis wants us to believe that her position as House Speaker helps her get things done. But just who is Karen Minnis really fighting for?

Take a close look at Minnis' record and think about the issues she's swept under the rug. Its clear, and her obscene $1 million plus in campaign funds make it clear, Minnis has been using her power and influence to help big money interests that bankroll her campaigns.

This year we can do something about it. Help elect Rob Brading for State Representative - He'll work for us for a change.

October 2, 2006
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