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April 17, 2007Reminder: The Oregon House Democrats blog has now moved.9
April 3, 2007The Oregon House Dems blog has now moved.5
November 2, 2006The Choice is Clear on the Central Coast - Jean Cowan will Stand up for Working Families.4
October 28, 2006David Edwards is Third Democratic House Candidate to Advertise on Christian Radio.4
October 26, 2006Rob Brading asks East County Voters to Decide Who Will be on Their Side.5
October 24, 2006Debi Farr Flip Flops, Misleads Voters on a Woman's Right to Choose.2
October 23, 2006House Republicans Bankrolled by Radical School Voucher Advocates1
October 18, 2006Rob Brading & Charles Lee Stand on their Faith.12
October 16, 2006Brading Campaign Seizes the Momentum. New Poll Shows the Race for House District 49 is a Dead Heat!2
October 15, 2006The Oregonian Endorses Rob Brading for House District 49.1
October 11, 2006Chris Edwards Launches his Second TV Ad: Get to Work!2
October 10, 2006Brian Clem Campaign Continues to Roll - Launches Second TV Ad!1
October 5, 2006House Democratic Leader Jeff Merkley Endorses Stricter Gift Limits, Stronger Penalties for Legislators0
October 2, 2006Karen Minnis - In the Pocket of Special Interests and Proud of it!0
September 27, 2006Karen Minnis: Lower Prescription Drug Prices are "Pie in the Sky."0
September 26, 2006Arnie Roblan: Principal. Teacher. Neighbor.1
September 25, 2006Larry Galizio is Making it His Business to Protect the Things that Should only be our Business.0
September 22, 2006Jean Cowan Knows a Little Independence will go a Long Way in Salem! Watch her First TV Ad!0
September 21, 2006Find out Why House District 14 is Buzzing About Chris Edwards - Watch his First TV Ad!0
September 19, 2006Brian Clem Campaign Launches First TV Ad!1
September 19, 2006Rob Brading Campaign Launches First TV Ad!3
September 14, 2006Oregon House Republicans Continue Push Dramatic Cuts to State Police.0
September 6, 2006A Roadmap for Oregon's Future1
August 22, 2006Mike Moran - Strong Leadership for a Greater Oregon.0
August 18, 2006Rob Brading Sets the Record Straight: He's the only Candidate in House District 49 with a Plan to Protect our Kids.0
August 12, 2006Brian Grisham: A New Direction for a Better Oregon!1
August 9, 2006Rep. Jeff Merkley Calls on Karen Minnis to End “Disgusting, False Attacks” on Rob Brading and the Multnomah County Library Board3
August 4, 2006OSU Football's Loss is the Oregon House Democrats' Gain.0
August 1, 2006Dan Thackaberry – A Proven Independent Leader for Linn & Marion County! 6
July 28, 2006Charles Lee to Honor Service and Leadership of Backlund at Banquet1
July 18, 2006Charles Lee pushes City of Keizer to Take a Stand on Predatory Lenders.0
July 11, 2006Brian Clem for House District 21: He's as Oregon as it Gets!0
June 27, 2006Chris Edwards is Ready to Get to Work for Oregon!0
June 12, 2006Help Jean Cowan take back the Central Coast in 2006!0
June 7, 2006Suzanne Bonamici to Kick Off Campaign for House District 34!1
June 1, 2006Join the Oregon House Democrats for Future PAC's 5th Biennial Casino Night!1
May 22, 2006Tobias Read: Ready to Take the Reigns from Rep. Mark Hass in Beaverton and SW Portland.1
May 18, 2006Local Used Book Stores Sponsor "Books for Brading" Fundraiser this Weekend!0
May 1, 2006Chuck Lee Endorsed by Salem and Newberg Newspapers in House District 25 1
April 24, 2006Help State Representative Larry Galizio Continue to Turn Things Around for Oregon.1
April 18, 2006Rep. Mike Schaufler to hold Health Care Community Forum21
April 14, 2006Eugene Register Guard recognizes Rob Brading's Leadership on Pay Day Loan Reform.75
April 12, 2006Rep. Arnie Roblan to host Community Forum on Health Care.0
April 11, 2006Brian Clem to Speak at DemoForum of Marion County Today0
April 4, 2006Join a Celebration of Grassroots Politics and Help Rob Brading Defeat Karen Minnis!0
March 30, 2006Oregon Secretary of State Audits Division Continues to Deliver for Taxpayers.1
March 29, 2006House Democrats about to Set New Fundraising Record!0
March 27, 2006Jean Cowan Campaign Launches Website.2
March 24, 2006Larry Galizio to Wal-Mart: Come Clean with Tigard Citizens.16
March 14, 2006House Democrats about to Set New Fundraising Record!5
March 2, 2006The Truth About Speaker Karen Minnis, the Oregon House Republicans and the Pay Day Lenders. 3
January 4, 2006Democratic Leader Jeff MerkleyThe Oregon House Democrats: Strong Leadership. Oregon Values. 2
November 30, 2005House Democratic Leadership Team on the Road to Central, Eastern and Southern Oregon0
November 15, 2005NewsA Hero Will Rise. Rob Brading Announces his Challenge to Karen Minnis in House District 49.0
November 11, 2005Lets Keep Up the Momentum! Ask Your Friends to Take the Oregon House Democrats Challenge Today!0
November 4, 2005Take the Oregon House Democrats Challenge!3
October 27, 2005Jon Isaacs, Executive DirectorRepublicans offer treats, deliver tricks7
October 18, 2005Democratic Leader Jeff MerkleyThe 2006 Democratic Campaign for the Oregon House: A New Kind of Campaign. A New Direction for Oregon.6
August 11, 2005NewsCongratulations to the New House Dems Leadership Team!1
August 8, 2005Democratic Leader Jeff MerkleyThe Work Starts Now. It is Time for New Leadership in the Oregon House!51
August 2, 2005Chuck RileyGolden Parachutes for School Administrators Should be Reined In. 4
July 26, 2005Mary NolanRevived Hope for Civil Unions & Non Discrimination in Oregon9
July 21, 2005Democratic Leader Jeff MerkleyOregon Legislative Counsel: "SB 1000-A is constitutional as written."6
July 18, 2005 House Democrats StaffRolling Recesses to End? 1
July 11, 2005 House Democrats StaffUndone Dozen Update9
July 7, 2005Democratic Leader Jeff MerkleyHouse Republican Leaders Choose to Leave the Peoples' Work Undone34
July 6, 2005Peter BuckleyOregon Human Rights and Anti-Genocide Act of 20051
July 1, 2005Democratic Leader Jeff MerkleyThe Speaker’s so-called “Stable Schools Plan” is the “unkindest cut of all"18
June 29, 2005Jackie DingfelderHigher Energy Efficiency Standards Good for Businesses and Consumers 0
June 28, 2005Chip ShieldsIts Time to Bring Our Troops Home5
June 23, 2005Larry GalizioHB 3498 will Provide Stability and Excellence for Oregon's Schools. 21
June 20, 2005Larry GalizioThe Minnis Plan for Schools: Not Good Enough. 7
June 17, 2005Question of the WeekIs the DEQ Budget Bill Constitutional or Unconstitutional?5
June 17, 2005Mark HassOne Two Punch: Full Day Kindergarten, Reform ESDs3
June 15, 2005Peter BuckleyA Simple Choice: Oregonians or Tax Giveaways?19
June 14, 2005Gary HansenHelp Fight Closure of Oregon's only National Guard Base3
June 13, 2005Democratic Leader Jeff MerkleyFive Proposals to Control Skyrocketing Health Care Costs: Tell us Your Opinion!20
June 7, 2005Jeff BarkerHouse Bill 2050 – keeping released sex offenders away from their child victims.1
June 6, 2005Brad AvakianHouse Bill 3084: A Real Solution to Forced Annexations.7
June 6, 2005Democratic Leader Jeff Merkley“It Ain’t Over till It’s Over”6
June 1, 2005Greg MacphersonBipartisan Group Develops Anti-Meth Package3
June 1, 2005Mitch GreenlickHope for Oregon Families: An initiative for a constitutional amendment improving access to health care.3
May 31, 2005Chuck RileyLet’s Spare our Kids from Meth1
May 31, 2005Mary NolanInadequate House K-12 Budget is Lobbed at the Senate Chamber13
May 26, 2005Chip ShieldsOregon Spending More on Prisons than Universities and Community Colleges23
May 26, 2005Larry GalizioEconomic Optimism4
May 25, 2005Phil BarnhartHouse Democrats Push for Rainy Day Fund19
May 24, 2005Mary NolanALERT: Republicans Vote Down $5.4 billion for K-12 Public Schools…Again!27
May 24, 2005Peter BuckleyDemocracy for Oregon Summit Report5
May 23, 2005Democratic Leader Jeff MerkleyWelcome!12