A Hero Will Rise. Rob Brading Announces his Challenge to Karen Minnis in House District 49.

You can help Rob defeat Speaker Minnis by making your first contribution to his grassroots campaign today!


Rob Brading: Working for us for a Change.

Answering another call to public service and ending weeks of speculation Rob Brading announced his candidacy for House District 49 today. Brading’s candidacy for State Representative began over morning coffee today with tens of thousands of Oregonians. Appearing on Thom Hartmann’s morning call in show on KPOJ-AM radio, Brading told listeners that powerful corporations and special interests have their own personal representative in Karen Minnis, while real people in District 49 are being shut out and left behind.

Rob Brading: A Record of Local Leadership.

Rob Brading has been the Executive Director at Multnomah Community Television since 1992. His work at MCTV is a continuation of a career devoted to giving people the skills to participate in our Democracy. Prior to moving to East Multnomah County Rob was a dairy farmer, cabinet maker, Christmas tree farmer and cannery worker. Rob lives in Fairview with his wife Karen.

Karen Minnis has worked in the legislature for over 20 years. While she's been busy playing partisan politics in Salem, Rob has been working locally for the people of East Multnomah County:

-Past President of the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce. Seven years on the Board of Directors.
-Tri-Met’s Transit for Livability Task Force.
-Gresham’s Police Advisory Committee.
-Gresham Centennial Planning Committee.
-Gresham Citizens Strategic Planning Committee.
-East County Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors.
-Current member, Multnomah County Library Advisory Board.
-Former member, Oregon Public Affairs Network Board of Directors.

Former National Board Chair of his professional organization, the Alliance for Community Media.
Rob Brading is not a politician. Being a candidate was never his plan. But after years of working for change through community and civic leadership he realized that a change has to be made in the legislature.

Rob Brading on why he decided to run: "It's like we really don't have a representative. When you look at her record it seems like Karen Minnis might need a roadmap to find the 49th district. She uses her power and spends her time serving big corporations and powerful executives from Houston, Manhattan, California, Delaware, Atlanta and New Jersey, who have all bankrolled her campaigns. But her mistaken priorities in the legislature means she forgets all about the citizens who depend on her to do the right thing."

Lets send a local leader to Salem! Ask your friends to contribute to Rob Brading's campaign for change today!

Rob Brading: A Real Agenda and a Plan to Make it Happen.

Rob Brading on the change he will bring to Salem: "I was honestly hoping the last election would serve as a wake-up call to Speaker Minnis. I thought she couldn't continue to ignore the very real needs of the people in our district. But the results of the last session proved more than ever that Karen Minnis puts big corporations and big donors first and the working people in the 49th district dead last. I will work for better schools, relief from crippling health care and prescription drug costs, more family wage jobs for Oregonians, and most importantly, open and ethical government."

Rob Brading's agenda for positive change:

-Ethical and accountable government that values the input of citizens over the special interests.
-Affordable health care for Oregon's working families.
-Prescription drugs that our seniors and small businesses can afford.
-World class public schools that prepare our kids for a changing economy.
-A thriving economy that creates family wage jobs instead of shipping them overseas.
-Fight government waste by eliminating tax give-a-ways that allow corporations like Enron to pay only $10.

Rob Brading has the vision, integrity and shoe leather to win this campaign. Now all he needs is your help!

If we really want to bring real change to Salem, then we have to start at the top. You can help Rob Brading defeat Speaker Minnis by making a small contribution today!

November 15, 2005 by News
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Congratulations to the New House Dems Leadership Team!

The New House Democratic Leadership Team:
House Democratic Leader Jeff Merkley, Outer East Portland

Assistant Democratic Leaders
Phil Barnhart, Eugene, Coburg, Creswell
Peter Buckley, Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Jacksonville
Dave Hunt, Milwaukie, Oak Grove, Gladstone
Arnie Roblan, Coos Bay, North Bend, Reedsport, Florence
Diane Rosenbaum, SE Portland
Chip Shields, NE Portland

New assistant leaders from South Coast and Ashland provide geographical balance

The House Democrats reelected four-term Rep. Jeff Merkley (D-Portland) this week as the House Democratic Leader, and have added two members from southern Oregon to their leadership team in an effort to include the concerns of rural Oregonians in crafting an agenda.

In a meeting of the caucus Tuesday, the House Democrats reelected four-term Rep. Diane Rosenbaum (D-Portland), three-term Rep. Phil Barnhart (D-Eugene), and two-term Rep. Dave Hunt (D-Clackamas) to positions of assistant leadership. They also elected Rep. Arnie Roblan (D-Coos Bay), Rep. Chip Shields (D-Portland), and Rep. Peter Buckley (D-Ashland) as assistant Democratic leaders—all of whom are serving their first terms.

Comments for House Democratic Leader Jeff Merkley:

"The House Democrats feel a deep concern for the issues face residents of the South Coast, rural communities and southern Oregon. With this leadership team, we can address Oregon’s problems with a sense of geographical balance."

"Now that the legislative session is over, we must begin preparing for the future. The House Democrats will craft a new legislative agenda that addresses the problems Oregonians care most about—schools, health care, jobs and safe communities. This is a leadership team that believes in jobs, education, economic progress and justice for all Oregonians."

"Many good bills died in the 2005 session because powerful special interests controlled the House Republican leadership. Among the failed bills were the following:

• Senate Bill 329, which would have expanded the state’s drug purchasing pool to allow private businesses and individuals to save money on prescription drugs.

• Senate Bill 766, which would have eliminated unreasonably rich severance packages for superintendents of school districts, as well as retirement benefits better than those of other school employees—the so-called “golden parachutes.” The bill would have saved money for schools, and allow stronger investment in the classroom.

• Senate Bill 841 and Senate Joint Resolution 2 addressed the Education Stability Fund, commonly known as the “Rainy Day” fund. The first would have required transfer of the entire General Fund ending balance (up to a limit of two percent of all General Fund expenditures) to the Education Stability Fund. The second would have referred a constitutional amendment to the voters, enabling them to increase the Education Stability Fund from five percent to 10 percent of General Fund revenues.

• Senate Bill 545, a bill that would have regulated the presently unregulated “payday loan” industry."

"Our agenda addresses the real-world problems that real Oregonians face every day. It’s time for a change in Oregon. We believe it’s time for the Legislature to earn back the respect of the people."

August 11, 2005 by News
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